Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt Lt d

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Growing Better, Together

In a networked world, the stronger your relationships are – and the more strategic your associations – the more value you’ll be able to deliver to buyers.


Our data and analytics bring distinct clarity to our customers’ relationship-related decisions; whether these relationships involve buyers, prospects, suppliers or partners (potential or actual). We don’t just dump business data on your doorstep but find truth and meaning in that data, delivering insights on your key relationships, however, and wherever you want them. With Dun & Bradstreet, it’s easier to choose the most promising companies to move forward with; and the riskiest ones to leave behind.


  • 5th Floor, Chemtex House,Main Street, Hiranandani Gardens,

    Sainath Nagar,

    Powai, Mumbai – 400 076

    +91 22 3348 8866